Friday, 26 December 2014

Extreme Irony of Earth!

Lord Krishna had a cousin, Shishupal, an annoying tyrant king. Krishna gave his word to Shishupal’s mother that he would not kill him until he make hundred mistakes. Once, in a royal court, Shishupal started saying offensive words to Krishna. He counted them till hundred and at the hundred-and-first, Krishna beheaded Shishupal with his own weapon, Chakra and there emerged a concept in Hinduism called “Paap ka Ghada” or “crock of sins” which when is completely occupied for a person, he has to face a divine punishment for his sins.

But, is it true? If it was, it creates a contradiction in some frame of view. Hundreds of people have been killed by terrorists and naxalites till date, and we are still waiting for god’s reaction on this. Doesn't this make god selfish? Perhaps this is a question for another time. I have another one, which nags me every time anything happens in the world.

Does god even exists?

Believers say he does. Non-believers say he does not. I find non-believers more logically rational on this subject. They have proof, hell they do not even need to provide me the proof, I have seen the proof with my own eyes. On the other hand, theists only have arguments or weird questions on the existence of universe that if not god, then who is sustaining the universe, what keeps it going, or what lies beyond it. Obviously, I don’t know but it is a topic of research, as before Science did not have a vital proof, theists used to say that the earth is stable as a turtle, or supported by a serpent or earth does not even rotate, that it is stationary. However now that they are all proved wrong about earth, they have settled on universe. Clearly not until we officially find what is beyond the universe, they are going to keep this argument.

While the discussion of theism and atheism has been around here for thousands of years, and still there is no tell of the winner, I find the whole concept of religion a ramble. Just imagine a world with no religion, and automatically 95% of world terrorism has no reason to exist at all. Religion created every boundary that exists around us, even some of the world countries are made only on the basis of religion, with other significant substance of division. If religion disappears, automatically there would be no honor killing, love-jihad or the jihad. Clearly, everyone is busy defying the poison but no one is ready to cut the poisonous tree growing in their own backyard that is feeding them poison. It is the greatest irony on earth that the basis of all the muddle is still being embraced as a savior.

Most of the religions have god at the center of their origin, a belief in a theology, on the name of which they base their religion’s characteristic and teachings. My question is, If at some point of time god used to come or send his relatives to earth to save his precious humans from so-called sins, why cannot he manage to do this now, for now, we need his presence among us more than we ever needed. Maybe we have scared god, he thinks we are hopeless. Wait what? God is scared! This is not supposed to happen! What has happened then? Nobody knows but still they care, enough that it had led people to violent fanaticism and extremism. So what is the root of all the violence? God. And if thousand years ago, he could come to earth and guide the people for light, why cannot he now? We are like desperate for him these days. Why he is not coming?

There are two explanations, which I can think of - One, he does not exist, and second, that he has abandoned us, not today, not yesterday but a few hundred years back. If he does not exist that we are all living in a blind illusion and we must get out of it. However, if he had abandoned us, then there is no reason in worshiping him or living with a religion that he has guided us to live with.

Religions were once created to show a way of life to people, to impart a conscience into them since not many people were educated at those times. Therefore, the people who were educated, they made a set of rules, united their people in the name of one divine power, so that they live by those rules leaving the savageness. Those educated people who did guided people, they were probably known by Ram, Krishna, Mohammad, Jesus or other great names. People revered them as gods or angels, and they deserved to be revered for they were great people. With time, the world took it so seriously that they imposed their opinion on others, fought in the name of those great souls, spoiling everything they ever lived for.

I say, it has been enough. Let us stop living in fear and fairy tales, and start living in reality. Now that we do not need religions to show us the path, we must break those barriers since even Lord Krishna himself said in the Shrimad-Bhagwat-Geeta – “For me, everyone is same and I resent to discriminate people on the basis of caste, color and gender.”

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  1. do you really believe what you write or you just play with words just to write a good article ? i was just curious nothing more.